PMAE 2019

PMAE 2019 - RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia


PMAE 2019 was successfully held in RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia during December 8-10, 2019! 

Group Photo 

Prof. John Mo from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia was giving speech 

Prof. Shane Xie from University of Leeds, UK was giving speech  

Prof. Yonggang Zhu from Harbin Institute of Technology - Shenzhen, China was giving speech  

Prof. JING Xingjian from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was giving speech 


Session 1 BP-Asim Tewari  Session 2 BP-Gabriel Ecker   Session 3 BP-Bashir S Shariat  Session 4 BP-Zhang Shaokun  
Session 1-Group Photo  Session 2-Group Photo  Session 4-Group Photo 


For more PMAE 2019 conference photos, click here to download.